Why Rotten Tomatoes Critics Aren’t Trustworthy

This is my main reason for not trusting Rotten Tomatoes, as well as most established critics; they review films for their message and NOT their merit as film.

When i write my reviews, I judge a film on: #1. if it tells a good and compelling story. #2. Has a good structure. #3. Is well acted. #4. Looks good. #5. Is entertaining.

I use the standard checks and balance used for the Original Star Wars Trilogy comparison, where each film rates with the others. #1 The Empire Strikes Back #2 A New Hope #3 Return of the Jedi

Well, Empire is hands down the best of any of the trilogies. Empire kills it on: story, structure, acting, look and entertainment value.

I use that same thing in weighing all non Star Wars films, I learned to simply compare them to other films within their given genre. It still works.

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