The Batman | Non Spoiler Review

The BatmanThe Batman is the perfect example of how starved we, as a movie-going public, have become for good cinema, that when we see something that BEHAVES, SOUNDS, and LOOKS like great cinema, that we now cannot distinguish the difference between great cinema and cinema mimicking great cinema. This again enforces the statement that I constantly make, that when people are fed a consistent prolonged diet of shit from the Hollywood shit factory, they eventually become shit connoisseurs, and can distinguish between good shit and bad shit, but have forgotten they are still just eating shit.

With that said, like so many others, I can still enjoy films I negatively criticize. How?

1. We can be critical of our children and still love them.
2. We can be critical of a meal we cooked and still enjoy it.
3. We can be critical of many things and still love and or enjoy them.

So, with things like The Batman, which I am critical of, I can still actually enjoy the film as well.

I will also be posting my spoiler review on the Pop Culture Minefield soon.

Nuff said.

The Batman gets a PCM score of 7 out of 10 Stars

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