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Welcome to the official site for Pop Culture Minefield!

Created by Gerry Kissell as part of the Dangerous Nerds Network, our show came into existence after Keith and Gerry did a 2-hour long panel at Geekmas comic convention in Springfield, MO, in December 2018. It was decided then and there that they needed to do an actual show together. A contest was held on Gerry’s personal FaceBook page to name the show, and with MANY submissions, it was famed comic book artist, and co-creator of Batman’s Bane, Graham Nolan would come up with the perfect name for the show, “Pop Culture Minefield.”

Our first episode aired on January 27th, 2019, and we have been doing it ever since. Each show is a new experience. Best of all, we have many of our fellow YouTuber friends on the show, which makes it even more fun to do.


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